Field Trips

Field Trips are approved with prior arrangement.  We welcome your group to our farm on weekdays.  Please contact us here to set up a field trip.  Weekends are often too busy to accommodate large groups. We will assign you to a private area to pick if it is available as not to disturb our regular customers and will charge you collectively for the fruit your group picks.  In exchange we ask that you take literature for the children to share with their homes.   If you disregard your assigned area you will be charged the normal minimum price of $5 per person (child & adult) or for the fruit picked, whichever is greater.  If you disregard your assigned area and/or picking etiquette you will not be allowed back for a field trip. Please respect the farm's sustainability by educating your group to eat the blueberries after they have been paid for.  Please note that field trips are allowed only by prior arrangement!


Thank you!