Frequently Asked

What is the cost?

     - $2.90 per pound for U-Pick Blueberries


    - $5.00 minimum purchase of U-Pick Blueberries


What should I wear?

    - Wear sturdy shoes, as this is a real farm with live blueberry roots and live soil that

are constantly on the move.

    - Sunscreen and other protective clothing per your norm.


Do blueberries stain clothes?

     - YES! Blueberries definitely stain clothes, skin or anything else they may come in contact with!


What Should I Bring?

    - Drinking Water


Do I need to bring containers for my berries?

    - No, we supply you with picking cans and buckets and the boxes you need to take your berries home in.

Can I pay with my check, debit or credit card?
    - We prefer cash but accept credit cards.  We don't take checks.
Can I bring my Children?
    - Yes, Children are allowed. Please keep close track of them, as it is easy for children to become disoriented in a field of blueberry bushes that are taller
than they are.

Do you allow field trips on the farm?

- Yes, with prior arrangement we welcome your group on the farm on weekdays.  Weekends are often too busy to accommodate large groups. We will assign you to a private area to pick if it is available as not to disturb our regular customers and will charge you collectively for the fruit your group picks.  In exchange we ask that you take literature for the children to share with their homes.   If you disregard your assigned area you will be charged the normal minimum price of $5 per person (child & adult) or for the fruit picked, whichever is greater.  If you disregard your assigned area and/or picking etiquette you will not be allowed back for a field trip. Please respect the farm's sustainability by educating your group to eat the blueberries after they have been paid for.  Please note that field trips are allowed only by prior arrangement!

Can I bring my Pets?
    - Please, No Pets Allowed. Please leave pets at home or in your vehicle with plenty of fresh air to avoid the extreme heat inside closed vehicles in the sun.  Thank you.

Are your berries organic?


    - The blueberries are conventionally farmed using IPM (integrated pest management) practices to reduce the use of pesticides. 


Be prepared to walk 1/4 mile out to the furthest section of the field and back 1/4 mile while carrying a 25 pound bucket of blueberries.  If you don't care to walk that far, you are always welcome to pick in our front block just past the entry tent.



No Smoking
    - Our peat soil burns easily and for a long time!
    - Please be very cautious of traffic on Lowell-Larimer Road when exiting our farm.  It is a small, quaint farm road with high-speed commuter traffic.


 Come have a Berrific Time!