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A young woman laughing as she holds a handful of blueberries out to the camera.



Mountainview Blueberry Farm is a large U-Pick Blueberry Farm located in the beautiful farming community of Snohomish in the Snohomish River Valley.  The farm is nestled down low against a hillside, overlooking surrounding farms framed by the Cascade Mountain Range.  On a clear day you can even see Mount Baker to the north. 


The farm boasts nine acres of luscious blueberries featuring several different varieties. Many of the varieties herald from days gone by and are not to be found anymore. All these different varieties provide you with several unique flavors and sizes. 


In 2007 the farm was purchased by Keith and Janet Stocker, fourth generation farmers in the Snohomish River Valley.  We, Keith and Janet along with our sons Ivan and Raleigh Stocker, were thrilled to be able to purchase the farm from our friends the Simpsons a few years ago. 


The history that we have gleaned is that the farm was started in the forties by the Uran family. Mr. Uran came back from World War II with a bride from Germany who was an athlete and champion skier.  Together they started the farm and sold the blueberries on the farm, already picked and wholesale to retailers.  Back then they lived in the yellow house across the road from the farm and slightly up the hill. That house is not part of the farm anymore. We have had several customers tell us that Mrs. Uran would ride her bicycle down the hill to the farm when customers came and back up the hill when they left. The barn on the farm was built in the mid-thirties and was originally used for cattle. The blueberry farm provided for the founders until its sale in 1976 to the Phillips family. The Phillips established a new home on the farm in 1979 where they raised their family until selling to the Simpson family in 1996.  The Simpsons also raised their family on the farm and took wonderful care of it until they sold it in 2007. 

If you have any stories you wish to share, please tell us.  We would love to hear from you.  Thank you!  We are happy to be the new stewards of this beautiful farm and piece of history.  Please come out and see why.

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